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  This project is in its infancy, but will continue to grow as I work through the bugs, and add features.

Would you like to contribute?
I am looking for one or two developers to help me build this project, and make it into a genuinely useful and powerful application.

Please email me: hugo a liquidpcb.org
Join me at the Liquid PCB Sourceforge.net page.
or at the Liquid PCB Freshmeat.net page.
Come and IRC at #liquidpcb on freenode.net or ICQ:12861378.

Exciting projects up for grabs:

User interface design: There are many things which the user interface still needs. Handling of unsaved documents: what to do on startup? Examining ways to streamline the user's workflow. Improve the way tracks behave when components are dragged around.

High performance code to enforce design rules: This will probably need a combination of good space partitioning, and taking advantage of the GPU, perhaps using something like The Brook Language, GPGPU at Sourceforge. There are also resources at http://www.gpgpu.org/ and Dominik Göddeke -- GPGPU.

Totally free-direction autorouter: This will be a different from traditional autorouting, because tracks can go in any direction, and can also be sequeezed between other tracks.

Parametric 2D sketching interface and algorithms: If you have used a modern 3D Solid CAD package (like Solidworks), you'll know what I mean.

This will be important for specifying the outline of the board, and for correct placement of components.

Slightly less exciting, but still vital:

Get it to compile on Linux and Mac:

General software advice: I'd love someone to take a look at the code, and help me get it to a point where it can flourish in an open-source community.