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How Bail Positively Influences Criminal Justice

Being arrested for even the most minor of offenses, particularly in full view of witnesses, is never a pleasant experience. Going into lockup, even for just a few hours, can be quite harrowing, particularly if the arrested person now has to spend that time with what you would usually regard as hardened criminals. Fortunately, law enforcement generally has a lot more tact. So, finding yourself in this position, you will probably be granted that one phone call.

You could be advised to get in touch with the nearest bail bond office. This is a temporary reprieve because it is usually only after a first court appearance that Orange County Bail Bonds could be issued. That is to say that further court appearances are due. In the interim, bail bond officers working for enterprises like Acme Bail Bonds would be going beyond the proverbial call of duty in lieu of preparing their clients for court.

The issuing of bail bond money is merely the proverbial carrot on the stick. The fact remains that a first-time offender does need to be acutely aware of the serious implications of being late for a court appearance. While there is no hand-holding as such, the bail bondsman is positioned to remind the client of impending court appearances. He could also be well primed to advise the client on how he or she should address the court.

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This could go as far as how one dresses and adopts a good posture. It is acceptable to show the judge levels of confidence because that could be indicative of sincerity and remorse even if the accused person is indeed guilty of a crime. And it is not unheard of for the court to request a character profile from the bail bondsman should sentencing be required.